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The periodicals contain core aspects of human life and their burning issues. Being a community correspondent reveal ethical issues and geographical problems...


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As like Rainbow it got all basic colours of life to amuse its readers. It reflects my true feelings and emotions in form of Poetry and Verses. You can find spice of critics....

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Hi there! I am Sohail Ahmad Loun. I have done my graduation in journalism in 2016 from London Metropolitan University. I would love to make the info graphic and hope that I can utilise the skills that I learned from Data journalism in the University. I can work on Data wrapper, Google-mapping, Pikto-chart, Adobe Illustrator, Tableau, etc. I enjoy filming with professional cameras and work on Adobe Premiere, InDesign, and In-Page. I have also contributed to print and an online magazine.


I would like to give thanks to my family, teachers, and friends for their support and guidance during my educational journey and throughout my professional career. Be honest without any thought about heaven or hell. Write something that will be kept on reading or do something special on what will be written is the way to carry your Name a long way after death.

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We provide you to exchange thoughts, knowledge and views to bring new ideas, solutions and diversity to help our society in positive manner. Every one has right to reveal his desires, to expreass his feelings and emotions.

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